About HZB Pharma Canada

Our Mission :

At HZB Pharma Canada, it is our mission to isolate and target promising combinations of phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC, among others) in order to demonstrate safety and efficacy in diseases with great unmet needs, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. We intend to demonstrate that specific medicinal-therapeutic phytocannabinoids can be used alone or in conjunction with current therapies prescribed by physicians to treat symptoms or conditions related to these diseases, and improve the quality of life of these patients and that of their loved ones.

In doing so, we will address prescribing physicians’ concerns: dosage, concentration, reproducibility and stability. Our priority is to satisfy the need for scientific evidence and data-driven guidance for prescription, in specific clinical indications.

Our extraction and processing technology will enable us to isolate and measure phytocannabinoid molecules, allowing for the control of specific, tailored characteristics of our preparations. This will resolve one of the most challenging aspects of using cannabis medicinally: the provision of precise, effective dosages to address the variation in concentration of cannabinoids.

Our Team :

We run a lean and fiscally responsible organization, with a talented team, boasting decades of pharmaceutical accomplishment and scientific expertise. Considered a core area of robustness, our team of seasoned pharmaceutical professionals are well-versed in manufacturing, compliance, scientific and clinical research, Intellectual Property (IP) strategy, and in the commercialization of branded products for medical markets.